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Well, heres a race report, and a few stories. 

So off we headed to Vegas with the new bike prepped and ready to go, Two sets of spare wheels, gas cans, dump cans, tools, sport beans and underwear. It had been raining in Nevada a couple days before we had left, and just our luck, it rained when we got there. We could’nt have asked for better luck…. ill get back to the rain later. 

Tech inspection went good, and the wisemen doing tech really liked the bike, but the timing people didn’t like our transponder. it was dead. Oh well had to buy a new shiny one to go on the new bike. That was the only hiccup for the day, which is very good for us. The only thing we had to do to the bike all day was take off the kickstand. 

Like every year, we have to go to bed super early thursday night because the starting line is 2 hours north of vegas in a small town called Beatty. There, we unloaded, I ate a banana, and got into the starting line at about 5:30. The open expert class starts just behind the Pro class, so we really dont have to deal with much traffic. I think there were about 8 riders total in front of us, but i cant really remember because i was just trying to think about who in our class was starting in front of us. We got the draw to start 4th in class. We have had better, but i knew i would have to pass early. I was mainly worried about the guy starting in front of me. AA pro racer back home who was sandbagging because he had an amateur on his team. Pros took off 1 min apart. you could slowly see the dust start to fill up the canyon as the sun tries to shine through it. I take off and i guess had a lowsy start cause donny said i didnt stay in second long enough. I hate the start. All of the racers are always so close and that means dust and throttle chopping for a while. Once i take off, the 2 chase trucks left and headed for their designated pits. We had a plan that the bike was going to make it 100 miles so i didnt have to stop for anything until pit 3. But this mileage was based off of a pre run we did while the bike was being broke in and it was really only ridden at half throttle. It had made it 107 miles. Just in case, we marked the tank and if i didnt have 1 gallon left by pit 2, it wasnt going to make it. Meanwhile, somewhere between pit 1 and 2, i was actually able to pass the guy i was worried about, and put us into 3rd. It is a pretty fast section. Theres a long dry lakebed where we get over 100MPH. shortly after i passed him, somebody… bike 347 passed both of us.

Most of the day, there are our class numbers passed back and forth over the radios. we always try to keep track of our competitions times and what their status is. 347, 314, and 325 were heard a lot. 

I pull into pit 2 for gas and i was glad chase 2 was there. Joe and joel were ready to gas up. I pulled into that pit for a scheduled gas one year, and the chase truck wasn’t there. I swear, im not lying. I left pit 2 and got the bike to donny. He was stoked. I let him know the bike was running great and to pin it. Boom, dump can, rider switched and radio checked. Pit all under 15 seconds.

I hop into chase 1 and we head to pit 5. Its weird when i get into the truck. every time. I have been going 100 miles an hour, my adrenaline is through the roof; and when i get into the truck, its like stepping into a library after a concert. Molly and Brandon are doin math to figure out ours and other teams averages, times, place, and status’. Also getting coordinates to the next pit and how fast we gotta get there. Hanford is in there making sure i got food and water. hes always on top of that stuff. 

We make it to pit 5 and we get a call from joe and joel at pit 4. Donny went down and thinks he broke his hand…I sat down for a minute and tried to think what race mile we were at. we were only at race mile 180… would i have to ride the rest of the race solo? another 350 miles? I told molly to have out some sport beans and salami at the next pit and i would be good. 

Donny came flyin in and handed off the bike. He said he broke his hand, and like always, he was sorry. I said shut up it wasnt his fault, as i took off.

Before i got on the bike, I talked to brandon and said that he needed to find out if donny could ride or not by the next pit stop. if not, then i would pace myself. In the mean time, i was still pushing. Some riders in our class had passed donny while he was down trying to make his crooked finger a straight one again; i quickly passed 2 and flew through the next pit because we didnt need any gas and had planned on just doing a fly by. the course all blends together but i can recall this next section was fast with a lot of rocks… i think i cheated death a few times here. 

Pulled into the next pit stop and i saw donny with his gear on. He was ready to go broken hand and all. I was so glad because i really had to piss at this point. He hopped on and sped off. I had asked the crew if he was ok and he had been iced and wrapped up. 

So from this point we were back on schedule. When we are goin fast, the whole team is goin fast. So fast that for the last two pits, we forgot to take a look and see the condition of a rear tire. We were now around mile 300 and donny comes on the radio saying that the tire was all over the place. We decided to change the wheel at the next pit. Lucky for us, 325 came in maybe 20 seconds before donny. The had an issue with their counter sprocket; we later heard that they lost the bolt and the guy was holding it on by letting it spin against his boot. Anyways, we were able to change the wheel in 15 seconds, and get donny goin again out in front of 325. I can call out these pit times, because molly can actually record what time we come in and leave each pit.

That was pretty much all the super exciting stuff that the bench racers would like to read. I got on the bike one more time, rode through some more fast rocky sections. Oh and yes, some of the sections of the course were actually tacky and low on dust which was really cool, but rain tends to wash away sand very easily, and this makes huge ruts and cross ruts in the desert. this and the ingredient of goin 70mph+ cooks some bad stuff. 

Donny got the bike and rode it through the last section, while i had my first beer at the last pit, counting down the seconds, minutes, the next bike in our class would show up. 

Chase 2 and i headed to meet donny at the finish line. we watched him pull in throwing a hand in the air and had a look on his face because he knew that we just not only raced our asses off, but prepared for this moment for the last 2 straight months, and finally made it. It was a big finish for us, coming back from a big DNF last year due to a stator failing. Oh, we ended up finishing 4th. but that really doesn’t matter.

Brandon, molly, hanford, joe, joel and mo.

We had a small team this year but it was a good one. We cant thank them and all of our supporters and sponsors enough. 

SRR 2014 V2R 

Yea, thats a picture of a snowmobile with wheels. He raced but broke down somewhere half way through. 

I know the few that made it up were smiling in their helmets.

we are ready to kick some ass in the open class. first race for this 2014 450 XCF. Vegas to reno 2014

One of those photos that just comes naturally

One of those photos that just comes naturally

One week left until we leave for Vegas to Reno. This guy used up all my fuses while wiring up his radio. Hanford got his pits down to 3 wild seconds

The team is getting stoked for Vegas to Reno coming up in two weeks. Nothing gets us more excited than watching Team Kawasaki Chase down Honda at 90mph in the 2013 San Felipe 250.

a v-rod and a bfg mud t/a as a rear tire


a v-rod and a bfg mud t/a as a rear tire

Prerunning. tallest mountain in the mopung hills.

Prerunning. tallest mountain in the mopung hills.

Just the start of somthing big. Thanks @imsproducts #baja #bitd #stageranchracing #proproductsactuallymakeyoufaster

Just the start of somthing big. Thanks @imsproducts #baja #bitd #stageranchracing #proproductsactuallymakeyoufaster

Epic riding out here. @hanfordsworld contemplating on when he has to be home. #prerun #stageranchracing #nevada #secretspot @camblizzard135a @igotafish

Epic riding out here. @hanfordsworld contemplating on when he has to be home. #prerun #stageranchracing #nevada #secretspot @camblizzard135a @igotafish

"you either got it or you dont"
-tom fugle

more motoped

Dont know what Erzberg is? So what, watch Jonny Walker smoke the field and the course. Gopro’s never do justice of how steep hills are. Watch the spectators on the sides to see how steep it is. The Red bull website has POV footage of each of his sections.

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